Green thumbs grow thru trowel & error.

Julie Barnes, IGC President
Julie Barnes, IGC President


Season's Greetings Garden Friends,

As our gardens nestle snugly within their winter beds, this past years visions still remain in our heads. Torrential rain dumped at inconvenient times followed by periods of drought. Marauding deer or rabbits expanded their palettes chomping plants considered "safe." There were hazy days as wildfires burned through Canada restricting outside activity for some. And the Spotted Lanternfly moved in on our turf. Oh, the significant challenges that can be thrown at us Green Thumbs. Let's take the time to ponder our successes and failures as we look forward to next year.  

Ingomar had quite a hustle and bustle year.  The District IX Meeting wowed our fellow garden clubs. A wet plant sale was successful, even though it could have been a wash out. The well -tended David Council Park, Edith's Garden and the UPMC Plantings continued to enhance our community. A little cheerfulness was brought to Wexford Healthcare Residents, who created personal flower arrangements.  Many awards were given to our inspired poetry, sculpture, and essay contest students making them shine.  There was a great selection of programs and filed trips to enjoy. It has made me so very proud to preside over Ingomar in this past year. Enormous thanks goes to all of you as I look forward to gathering again at our Shannopin Christmas Luncheon/Meeting.

Best Wishes for a Joyful, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season," ,

Julie, Your President

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