Update from the IGC President

03/20/2020 21:19
Linda Womsley
Hello Gardeners!
I have just arrived back from a work then vacation trip and am happy to report that my garden appears ready to POP! There have been many years at this time when I've thought digums' ??? This year I have all kinds of options. 
So, as you may have heard, there is a virus out there that spreads easily - especially when there are groups of people together. As part of the effort to stay safe and limit the spread of the virus we will curtail our activities for the month of April and May. 
This means: 
There will be NO April Meeting.
There will be NO Diggums workshops.
There will be NO plant sale the Saturday before Mothers Day. (unless something drastic changes- which is doubtful) See below for more. 
Jessie is checking with Wexford House on Horti-therapy - but assume that we will NOT be doing Horti-therapy in May.
We believe that Jesteads is still open. We will NOT be doing a group trip.
Plant Sale:
We would like everyone to dig and plant their own diggums. If you need dirt and/or pots let me know and we will do a drop off supplies. Once you know what your diggums are let Janet Eck know. 
If you have a craft item you can do at home, please do. 
We will most likely be too late to sell annuals. (We would like to suggest the everyone buy their annuals from Schnor's to help support their loss of income)
Other Cancellations: Just in: NO GCFP convention - email to follow. Also the National Garden Club has cancelled theirs as well. 
Let me know if you have ANY questions or Concerns - or just want to talk.