The Viceroy vs. The Monarch Butterflies by Julie Jansen Oct 2020

09/25/2020 16:20

You see a black-and-orange butterfly flitting around, but it looks too small to be a monarch butterfly. This butterfly has very similar markings, except for the black line across its hindwing. What could it be?

1. Viceroys are mimics.

2. Viceroys aren't picky eaters.

3. Multiple generations live in one season.

4. Viceroys love wet areas.

5. They don't migrate.

Because of this, you won't usually see a viceroy butterfly until about 15 days after willow or poplar leaves emerge each year.

You can tell a monarch in flight from a viceroy, because monarch butterflies tend to float whereas viceroys will flap, flap, glide. The viceroy flight is faster and more erratic.