The Presidents Comments

06/30/2020 17:25

Dear Gardening Friends,
                                            How blessed we were on Saturday, June 13th, to have blue skies, pleasant temperatures
                                            and a GREAT turnout for our rescheduled Plant Sale. I want to
                                            thank you all for your hard work digging up and caring for your plants, making
                                            crafts, bringing in flea market items, helping with signage, advertising, set
                                            up, sales and cleanup. For those of you who were unable to attend – we understand,
                                            and know you were there in spirit and were cheering us on from
                                            afar! Even without the sale of the hanging baskets and annuals, we can pay our bills ans caarry on.
                                           Kudos to everyone for getting down to earth and diggin’ it!
                                            All of our summer community gardening projects are underway and looking
                                            lovely. Thanks for the many hands helping with these projects. We are looking
                                            for volunteers for David Councill Park, Edith’s Garden and the Passavant planters, so if you have some extra
                                            time to lend a hand, please consider doing so. We are currently investigating how we can be of help in our
                                            community gardens by growing fruits/vegetables for the local community food banks. Be on the lookout for
                                            upcoming information on how you can help

                                            The Picnic and July meeting are sneaking up on us NEXT WEEK, June 1st in Eileen Miller’s backyard. The
                                            hospitality committee will be providing individual canned/bottled drinks, and desserts will be provided by club
                                            members. We ask that you bring your own chair and lunch. If you have not already sent a RSVP to me, please
                                            reply by Sunday, June 28th, so we know how many to expect. Also, this is another big fundraiser of ours, the
                                            annual plant/garden related item auction! Come prepared with your items for auction, and your checkbooks/
                                            dollars ready. It is a fun time, while raising much needed money for our club. While we did raise $2,500 from
                                            the plant sale, we originally budgeted on raising, $3,300, so we need everyone’s help with the auction!. We will
                                            be ZOOMING the meeting and Auction again, so let us know if you will be participating that way.
                                           Stay safe and healthy ladies - and enjoy your time in the garden. See you Wednesday!

                                                               Down to Earth and Diggin’ It,       Kate Colville