The Presidents Comments for August

07/28/2016 16:53

Dear Ingomar Gardeners,

The heat of the summer has been upon us, and watering is an every day event so the flowers are blooming. Oh, the colors are beautiful. Me perennial hibiscus got successfully transplanted from one house to the other and has more buds than ever before.

We want to thank Chelo Farina and the hospitality committee for a wonderful picnic July 6th. Chelo’s garden was beautiful and made a great place to relax and enjoy. Thanks to our auctioneer, Kay Womsley, there was plenty of laughter and excitement with each item that was shared.

We want to thank Debe for setting up the visit to Michael Brothers Nursery. I heard there were great prices. It was a great trip.

The Southern Butler County G.C. Annual Garden Tour seemed to be a success. There certainly was variety with a trip to the Stohy Haus bakery in Harmony, the Zelienople Historical Society, a Victorian home with an English garden, and three more homes in the Butler County area. This was another great trip in July.

I want to thank Julie’ for her article to help us get rid of weeds, and for Norma’s article to help us get rid of mosquitoes. The war is continuing.

By the time this article is in print we will have another get together with Norma to work on and refine our entries for the Flower Show. This month of August is truly our time to watch our gardens for horticulture entries and hoping the produce will produce. Bring your Flower Show Schedule to the meeting and be prepared to ask any questions about the entry forms and presentations. Remember the botanical names for the entries is important.

Even though our Flower Show is soon upon us; cares melt when you kneel in your garden. Ann Ferguson