Terry Donaldson residential choice for July 2017

07/01/2017 17:21


                                                                  Hampton Township Residential

Terry Donaldson

2648 Miller Drive

Allison Park, PA


A cocoa-colored ranch home will get a second look but put it on a a green velvet lawn and there could be a traffic jam.  Terry Donaldson, the owner of this property, considers herself a gardener  who thinks out-of-the-box, but landscape designer would be more appropriate.   Brown mulched beds of unusual shapes are scattered about the lawn.  In the beds are plants of interesting shapes and colors:  Chartreuse junipers,  dark green heucheras and clumps of grasses compliment the Missouri Primrose with their bright yellow flowers.  Scotch Broom plants are near the entrance along with ferns, Dutch Iris and several pieces of interesting driftwood. In the back are more of the mulch flower bed designs with ferns,and Lady’s Mantle.  A stone flower pot that looks like a face overflowing with Impatints is one of the many interesting features in the back.  She has designed a multi-garden experience on a regular size lot.  A tough act to follow.