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Suzanne and Richard Schnupp Residential choice for Sept 2017

09/11/2017 14:21

Suzanne and Richard Schnupp

176 West Ingomar Road

Ingomar PA. 15237

We were attracted to this residence by the raised planting area near the road  and one side of the property.  Suzanne says this buffer helps considerably with traffic noise.  There were bright large canna lillies, sweet potato vines, elephant ears, Japanese maple, ajuga, hostas, coreopsis, hardy hibiscus,  dahlias, zinnias, lilacs, cosmos and roses on the front and sides the property.  Alongside one side of the driveway was a flush of black eyed susan and several shrubs.  There was a long driveway and planting area leading to the ranch style house in the center of which was a lovely sugar maple.  In  front of the residence was a planter with holly,  spirea, lobelia, creeping jenny and impatience.  Susanne and Richard were most gracious to receive us.