Steve and Denise Mironov Residential choice for August 2017

07/26/2017 21:20

Steve Mironov and Denise St. John-Mironov

217 WashingtonRoad

Bradford Woods, PA

We came across a beautiful garden on Washington Road in Bradford
Woods. Steve and Denise, the owners, do all the work themselves and stated that their organic garden is a work in progress. There were pink and blue hydrangeas in front of the house and Red Bud trees on one side of the front yard. As we rounded the corner to their backyard we were greeted by hostas, pink and red cone flowers, bee balm, hydrangeas, hollyhocks, Joe Pie weed, honeysuckle, a rock garden, and a vegetable garden. Not only do they grow vegetables but they have blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries growing nearby.