09/01/2016 23:00

September Commercial 2016


Miller Sport Chiropractic

342 Warrendale Road

Wexford, PA.   15090


Danial Miller is the owner but quickly gave the landscaping credit to his father. _____

A home from the 1940 era is the office.  If it weren’t for the huge sign and neat wheelchair walkway to the entrance it could pass for a “residence.”

 A small very green yard acts as a border to beds of yellow stelladoras, begonias and impations.   A water feature, with a small inspirational stone is along the path to the door.  More begonias and stelladoros border the side yard surrounded with patches of thick green turf.

The Miller Sport Clinic will be moving to the old Wexford Deli

location as soon as the building is completed.  We hope he continues to keep his landscaper .