Presidents Comments September 2017

09/06/2017 22:00

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Where has the time gone. It is the end of August and the plants have gone through so many stages. The annuals are in their full glory. The summer perennials are sliding into the fall
stage. The early leaves are starting to look forward to the Fall season. I told them I was not ready yet. My Black and Blue Salvia is 4 feet tall. I gave it a one-foot square space because that is all the bigger it has ever been before. Well, not this year. It is a giant!

I hope you have sent in your reservation for the District IX Annual Meeting. The form was at the end of the Nine News that was sent out and hopefully received.

There is a change. Our meeting to share with other garden clubs is November not October due to interest in the program. Debe will explain and Sallee will invite.

I met Kim Zachary at the Master Gardeners’ Garden in the Park event. She is a council member (ward 1) for the Town of McCandless. She was representing the council’s interest in the Green Space Lands. I mentioned about David Council Memorial Park and that we needed some help with the park. She is one more name for us to contact.

The nominating committee will soon be gathering. Our election is in December. The new officers take office in May 2018. The months in between give the new officers time to understand their duties. This is an early notice. Just thinking.......

Enjoy the colors, Ann