06/01/2018 22:44

Summer begins: The green canopy of leaves surrounds us. Color pops from the ground.  Birds and Bees abuzz.


Summer greetings,
We are entering the Summer season where we have lots of opportunities to ‘practice’ and share our gardening skills. We have already started the sharing with our plantings at UPMC
Passavant, Northland Library and David Council. Thanks to those who have and will continue to assist in these club projects.

We had a fantastic rain free day for our plant sale, and not surprising customers came out to enjoy the day and sample our wares. Wish they could all be like that! Thank you to everyone who divided their perennials, created BEAUTIFUL crafts and sold, set-up and cleaned-up. The sale would not be successful without your involvement. A special thanks to
the Plant Sale committee – Thank You!

We had another beautiful day for our tour of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. This group does a lot of work planning and creating beautiful spaces like the Dogwood Meadows, Lotus
Pond and Apple Orchard.

Please review the flower show section in this newsletter, as you may recall, I feel the flower show is an integral part of the Ingomar Garden Club. It is a part of sharing our
‘skills’ with the community. The more members who participate, the less work for everyone.

Savor the Season,