INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error

Presidents Remarks for June 2019

05/31/2019 22:28

Summer Greetings,
Ok, I’m jumping the gun a bit on summer, but it is coming! What a
wonderful day we had for the Plant and Craft Sale! Thank you to
everyone who welcomed and assisted our customers! Thank you to our
returning and new customers too! (See you next year!). A huge thank
you to the Plant Sale committee who again went above and beyond to
make the day a success. I hope everyone has had the opportunity to
plant their purchases.
It seems May was a month with lots of opportunities to engage in club
activities! It started with our club meeting with Joe talking about TREE pruning and planting.
Then our Plant and Craft Sale. A trip to the Chatham College Arboretum where there were
TREES! Maybe you worked or will work in David Councill Park?! And this past week Hortitherapy
and the planting of the Passavant Planters.
In June, we will be traveling for our meeting to DJ’s greenhouse, where we can purchase MORE
plants! Plan to attend the Japanese Garden Tour on the 8th. In all of these activities, bring a
friend to introduce them to the garden club. Share the Season, Linda