INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error

Presidents Comments

05/02/2017 22:32

To the Best Club Ever,
I have just come back from the GCFP 87th Annual Convention sponsored by District II/III at Shawnee Inn on the Delaware, near Stroudsburg.  It was very interesting in a variety of ways: the location, the time frame of events, the attention to detail, and the number of awards earned and recognized.

We did not stay for the luncheon Tuesday that would let us know about the book of evidence for the flower show, but Monday we received many conservation - youth awards for the children from their entries that Chris and Barb managed.  Congrats to this committee for all of their time and efforts in getting sooooo many entries and thus soooooo many awards. Other Districts were asking, “How do you do it?”  I told them contact, years of developing relationships with the schools and teachers, and a lot of positive energy from a great committee.

We also received an award for our yearbook.  Thank you, Julie, for your attention to detail.  It makes all of the difference.

The new Flower Show Book is out and the meetings with explanations and demonstrations have started and are helpful for our next Flower Show, A Day of Wine and Roses, August 9 and 10, 2018.  We do plan ahead.

The Leadership conference is July 11 at the Hampton Inn, Grove City, PA.  We need more of our members to attend.  This is the meeting that educates all of us about running a club.  Please consider attending this informative conference.

Spring is upon us, YES.  Many will have been to Jesteadts and come home with healthy seedlings.  We all will be visiting a variety of nurseries as we look forward to annual color in our garden and returning perennials. Our plant sale is May 13 and will be a great success because of each of you.  Plant the last of your donations NOW, and finish preparing your unique craft items for our sale.

We are a club with a set of goals which asks for your energy, your helping hand, your responsibility to make an impact for our community by actively serving and participating.  As you plan your calendar of events don’t forget to make time for David Councill Memorial Park, to help maintain the park, and help Jackie Nichols. Keep in mind your time to volunteer for Jan Desko at Passavant North to care for the planters.  See Ruth Kirk about what you can do to help with Edith’s Garden.  Everyone should help with the plant sale. We have the Garden of the Month getting started by being aware of the special efforts to beautify communities.  This is a busy time and we need everyone’s help.

Sincerely, Ann Ferguson - President