Presidents Comments

08/20/2020 14:53

The sound of rain on the porch roof was music to my ears yesterday
as I looked out over the garden – thankful that I didn’t have to grab
the hose, yet again, to give the plants a drink. I know that you all have
been tending to and laboring in your gardens during these hot days of
summer. I am looking forward to our August 5th meeting back at St.
Thomas in the Fields Anglican Church’s outdoor pavilion (thanks to
Janet Eck!) I hope many of you will be bringing your horticulture
items from your yards to share – beautiful blooms, leaves, sprigs, or
even a beloved house plant. If you have the botanical name, that is great. If not, don’t let that deter you.
Can’t wait to see what you all have to share!
Our club has been busy during this time of COVID, and I want to thank you all for your hard work.
David Councill looks beautiful, the Passavant planters are bold and extraordinary this year, and although
Edith's garden has been discovered by the deer, we are faithfully maintaining it as well. The picnic was
LOVELY, thanks to our hostess Eileen Miller, auctioneer Julie Barnes with her trusty assistant Jan Ranii -
Dropcho, and our hardworking hospitality committee. We had three visitors, who we hope enjoyed themselves
and will be back for more. The auction was a great success, pulling in $638.00 much needed dollars
to our club so we can continue to have our programs, community gardens, and continue our donations to
garden programs in our area. Thanks to everyone who brought items and/or generously opened their
wallets to make their bids.
Looking ahead to the end of August/September, we will be asking members to support the NHCO Rosalinda
Sauro Sirianni Memorial Garden, which grows organic food for the Food Pantry and is run out of
the Greenstone