President Linda Womsley Comments for August 2918

07/27/2018 16:40

Summer greetings,
The ‘last’ month of summer is upon us, how quickly it comes, and then will go! I hope your
plants have survived the drought/deluge of last month and are ready to showcase in our
Flower Show. Now is a good time to take another look at your garden and compare what
you find with the horticulture section of your flower show schedule. I have just fenced in
some things that are now promising. Thanks to Jan for hosting two Design workshops. They
provided insight into color choices, placements, sizes, backgrounds etc. I hope you had the
chance to attend.
Did you attend the Southern Butler County GC Garden Tour? I did, Jessie your garden
looked amazing! The IGC trip to the Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden was enjoyable.
As I remembered the Garden is unique and worth the trip. The tour of the temple was
special, the architecture of Pittsburgh always amazes me. If you missed our trip, consider
attending a Garden Party Concert or Public Tour.
Thanks to Anita, Ann, Jan and Kate who have found our gardens of the month, this month
was Ross, and they do not disappoint! Be sure to check out the photos that are on line.
Savor the Season, Linda