INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error

Presidents Comments

07/06/2018 18:35

  President Linda Womsley                             


    Summer greetings,
Well, it has been hot this past week! I hope you are not wilting like my flowers.                          
If you were lucky you have received 3-6 inches of rain, less than that you were unlucky.
More – our prayers are with you.
We had a great time touring the Aviary and snacking under their outdoor canopy. Favorites
included the peregrines, penguins and the sloths. We have another adventure in a few
weeks to the Rodef Shalom Biblical Garden this is a unique well maintained garden that
everyone should see.
If you have signed up for a design for the flower show be sure to attend the session at
Jan’s later this month, it is a great way to brainstorm and ensure your ideas are in-line
with the program schedule.
I am looking forward to our picnic at Julie’s. Be sure to bring a worthy item for the
auction, a check or cash for other’s items, a chair on which to sit and an appetite! Plan to
arrive early so that we can align our chairs and tour the garden before the meeting starts
at 11.
Thank you to those who have been maintaining our gardens and planters, it always takes a
little extra effort when we get too much sun, heat or rain.


Savor the Season, Linda