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10/28/2016 16:57

Presidents Comments  November 2016



Dear Gardening Friends

This has truly been an unusual gardening season. We have not yet had a killing frost, and some of us have not had any frost at all. The fall leaf color seems to be late this year. The cold temperatures have not come for very many hours, let alone days. All of these happenings are great if you are someone who is still enjoying tending your gardens every day, and enjoying all of the beautiful blooming flowers. For me, I am ready for the killing frost, along with my garden’s time and my time, to rest. Our last frost was in mid-May and at this rate our first frost won’t be until November. The seasonal colors are truly lasting a long time.

We enjoyed a wonderful 70th anniversary luncheon on October 19th at the Hampton Inn with 70 attendees. Those of you who could not attend were definitely missed. The memorabilia that was collected and displayed showed how times have changed. The yearbook used to be hand painted and now is machine painted. The minutes were hand written on paper and now we have them sent electronically from one home to another. We have the pleasure of having Kay Womsley to share her knowledge of what the club was way back in 1980 when she was president. :) The scrapbook shared pictures from over the years. There used to be bushes behind the sphere at David Councill Memorial Park.

We want to give a special thank you to the anniversary committee for planning and organizing this special 70th anniversary celebration. It was great fun to walk down memory lane for 1946. Just think, one gallon of milk was 67 cents and 2 pounds of apples were 25 cents.

Sincerely, Ann Ferguson