Presidents Comments September 2016

08/31/2016 23:20

Dear Ingomar Garden Club Members,

The “Dog Days of Summer” are giving us a run for our money in keeping our plants in good condition for our personal and display use for the Flower Show. Reread you schedule as you go through your garden selecting plant parts that can be entered for horticulture and used in your design.

Sherwood Oaks is getting ready for us to arrive. Advertising begins September 1. Staging and the room layout will be on Wednesday. Thursday afternoon from 1 - 5 and 7 - 9 will be our setup time. Tell the guard at the gate you are a member of Ingomar Garden Club coming to set up for the Flower Show. You will drive up to the center. Follow the drive around to the flag pole and turn right. Drive to the main doorway if there is no other traffic there and drop off your

components. Michael Desko and Norm Ferguson will be there to help direct you and your
things. They also will drive you back up the hill if you need a ride because you had to park farther away. They will have IGC on the front of their baseball caps.

Sherwood Oaks is 100 Norman Drive Cranberry Twp PA 16066. It is off rt.19 North. Turn left onto Rochester Rd and then right onto Norman Dr. Follow the street back to the gatehouse. Make sure you have given me your guest names and that they understand they will tell security at the gatehouse their name and they are visiting for the Flower Show. Their names must be on the list in order to enter. My cell number is 412-443-6799 if you need to call.

Bring your yearbook and schedule with you on Wednesday to the meeting and again on Thursday for setup. If you have any questions call and ask or save them for the meeting and ask, then. Our program will revolve around being ready for the Flower Show.

Sincerely, Ann Ferguson