President's Comments - June 2016

06/05/2016 16:13

Dear Ingomar Garden Club Members,

It was a great plant sale on May 7th.  There was no snow.  People came out for us and the sales seemed great.  Thank you for all who participated and a great big applause for all the Plant Sale Committee and helpers.  The merchandise looked great.  Our 70th anniversary banner was on display and caught the attention of all the visitors.

The Board meeting is on June 8th.  If you have anything to discuss please contact me ahead of time so I can get it on the agenda. Also please let me know if you are going to attend.


We are still in need of entries for the design section of the Flower Show.  The following classes need designers: framed hanging, creative vertical, underwater, streach, small traditional mass, and small multi-rhythtmic.  We are gathering the equipment for these designs.  If you have the trays and frames and are not going to use them, please bring it to the June meeting.

With Growing Forward, as the team that we are, make sure to read your Yearbook, Flower Press and e-mails in order to be in the

know, then bring them to the meeting to addthe notes you need to take.

Thank you to all,  Ann Ferguson