President's Comments - July 2016

07/05/2016 17:17


I love the growing season and watching as each plant unveils its beauty at the God
given time. There is such order about which is first and so on with no complaints. With
great interest I watch to see how the season before effects the present.
 Was the winter so severe that plants did not live through it? Was the winter just right for every weed seed to sprout and fill my flower beds? Was the last frost early or late and what did it do to the buds already set. Oh the excitement and anticipation of being a gardener is beyond words.

As I look around the room each meeting I am overwhelmed with the talents that are shared with each other. We truly appreciated Julie educating us about color and texture, and Shelly’s friend sharing with us a bout Dahlia’s. SHARE is the big word with our club. I want to extend a special thanks to Debe for the programs she has planned, and all of the chairmen for fulfilling their duties with their committees. 

We look forward to our yearly picnic and distinguished auctioneer. Bring your choice items for the auction and chair. 

Keep Growing Forward, Ann Ferguson