INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error

Presidents Comments for Oct. 2018

09/30/2018 22:54

President Linda Womsley

Autumn greetings,
Rain, and then more rain. Rain here, rain there, it is hard not to hear a conversation about
how rain is affecting us, our gardens, our homes, our fellow states in the Carolinas. Now
would have been a great time to have a program on rain gardens! Why do we schedule those
when it is dry? – Wouldn’t it be neat to know the forecast a year ahead?!
Ingomar GC was represented by two tables of members at the District IX annual meeting
at the Edgworth Club. GCFP President Christine Leskosky thanked District IX members
who were members of her board, this included Chris Hawthorne and Barb Oswald who are
chairs of Youth Activities, JR/SR High School Grades 7-12. IGC members received their
Daffodil, Laurel and a ‘surprise’ Perennial Bloom Award. We will re-present the awards at
the meeting.
Despite not knowing the forecast a year in advance, Kate picked a great day to tour Old
Economy Village. Most of us who attended, had done so in the past (like 30+ years in the
past!). We toured the George Rapp and Frederick Rapp houses and learned about their
lives and followers’ lives. Lots of interesting information, but we were all happy to get
outside and tour the gardens! Thanks to Deeann for the acoustic demonstration in Feast
Hall. Check out their upcoming events/classes at
Savor the Season,