President"s Comments for March 2018

03/04/2018 22:39

Dear Ingomar Garden Club,

Wow, what a winter we have had. It seems to be almost an old fashioned Pittsburgh winter. :)
Today it is raining and there is a flood watch going on. What is next.
The only thing blooming are my orchids and Christmas Cactus. The Amaryllis bulbs are
growing, but not yet in bloom.
The Board has just met and there are great ideas being suggested by the new officers. They are
getting together and planning their new term. Congratulations to them. It is a great team.
Our March meeting will be a special service project for Meals on Wheels.
The trip to Jesteads is just around the corner, well the end of April, but many of us are already
planning what we will want to purchase. Watch for your diggum’s.
The Members Day out, the State Convention, and the National Convention are on the calendar
this spring. There is a lot to plan.


Stay warm and stay safe.