President"s Comments December 2016

12/01/2016 17:55

Dear Gardening Friends,

Can you believe it, our killing frost was late for us this year. We thought that we would never get the David Councill Memorial Park clean until Thanksgiving, and that is almost what happened. Thank you to Jackie’s team for digging, boxing and distributing the canaas. The park is finally put to sleep. Zzzzzzzzz. We can all now take a gardening rest to enjoy the catalogs and dream of the spring planting. For now, I am growing Paper Whites, Amaryllis, and Poinsettias. There is still color and fragrance during the winter, at least inside.

The board met today and had many conversations about things to come. Debe is planning programs. Kate is studying the budget. Deeann will store the flower show equipment. A larger flower show committee will be requested to start to work in 2017. We are looking for more ways to make money. Oralia is attending the Tidwell Training Center’s celebration for IGC and presenting a small donation as a thank you for their help this year. We are raising the price of the gloves we sell to $5 for club members and $6 dollars at the plant sale. It is still a good price for all. We are looking into the Bald Eagle Stamp Project to see if it is still a valid project as we heard no reply from our last donation. Once again, we will review the Goals of the Club and see if they need rewording.

We will be saving the front tables for those who need to be closer for better hearing during the meeting. Please try to sit with someone you don’t know very well so we can get to know each other. Thank you.

Sincerely, Ann Ferguson