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President's Comments for September 2018

09/02/2018 18:59

Linda Womsley, President Ingomar Garden Club

Autumn greetings,
What a day of Wine and Roses! Congratulations on a Flower Show that was beautiful,
informative, inspiring and worthy of the Ingomar Garden Club name!
Thanks to the members that entered a specimen, planter, design or exhibit, your
participation made the event worthwhile. A special thank you to the General Chairman,
Janet Desko and Ann Ferguson, your perseverance, patience and planning are what made
this show a success. As with any big event, it is the ‘minor’ chairman that help make smaller
work of what is a big job. Thank you to each of you – Anita, Ann, Barb, Chris, Irene, Janet,
Jessie, Marcia W, Marie, Ruth, and Sallee. And then there are those of you who assisted
the chairman – Thank you too!
Have you had a chance to drive by David Councill park or Edith’s Garden at the Library?
They are both looking great. Thanks to everyone that has assisted these committees.
Have you attended a Horti-therapy session at Wexford House? No, then this is the one to
attend. Jessie will need ‘extra’ hands with this project and knows just how to put yours to
work. Check inside for the details on this and our field trip to Old Economy Village.
Thanks to Barb, Chris and Joan for the Gardens of the Month – Shaler.
Savor the Season,