Philip and Teresa Dunn residential choice for July 2017

07/01/2017 17:26

                                                      Hampton Township  Residential


Philip and Teresa Dunn

4541 Middle Rose

Allison  Park, PA.


Never pass a long driveway with red Adirondack chairs at the bottom.  There is bound to be more!  A love seat with a red cushion placed between two burgundy glazed clay vases filled with Impatiens, Creeping Jenny, Dusty Miller and Spikes is near by.

The lower driveway is like a patio where you can sit and enjoy the panoramic view..

Two brick pillars topped with stone Grecian urns containing Impatiens,  Sweet Potato Vine and majestic purple Spikes lead to the front door.  Large old Oak trees provide a shade canopy over the patio-like setting for the chairs.  There you can sit, relax and view flower beds and ornamental trees that are scattered up the gentle slop that opens on Middle Road.  A Weeping Juniper, Mini Japanese Maple, Weeping Mulberry, and Evergreens with Marigolds, Russian Sage, Rose and Hydrangeas make the ground interest.  

Be sure and look for the red chairs!