INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error

November 2017 Presidents comments

10/30/2017 21:51
We still have not had a killing frost. Wow, what a weather change this year. My annuals
are/were still blooming, but I ripped them out as it is to rain and cool off; and I don’t want to dig
in that weather.

Our members have worked really hard this long growing season, as always. A big THANK
YOU to all. The attention you give is noticed by the community we serve.

The District IX Board meeting was full of ideas and dates. This group plans for the future.
It was suggested to think out of the box to advertise for our clubs. Perhaps wear you T-shirts
backwards on work days, people see our backs more than our fronts. Put a sign out with the club
name on those days so people know who to thank. Any awards questions contact JoAnn Wilson -
Tusca Ridge GC.

There will be a holiday edition of Nine News so we will need pictures after our December

The GCFP State Convention, A Floral Tri-Fecta, is April 15-17, 2018 in Washington. Watch for
the registration in the Keystone Gardener.

The GCFP State Convention for 2019 is in Blair County, PA.

The GCFP State Convention for 2020 is here at the Double Tree Hotel in Cranberry Twp. Sue
Semple will be asking for chairmen, workers, ideas. Each garden club in District IX will be on
stand-by to help her and her committees. The hotel cost is set at $129 per night including

The NGC Convention is May 20 - 24, 2018 in Philadelphia at the Lowes Hotel. Reservations
will be in the National Gardener and on their website. This is special for our state.
We have a special program during our November meeting and have invited Greybrooke GC and
Shaler GC to share our event. Please remember to bring sandwiches if you are in that group.
Each member is to bring an item for our gathering.

See you soon,