Message from the Ourgoing President

04/26/2020 18:23


Message From our Outgoing President -

Linda Womsley


This Spring…..

We are doing things a little differently than normal. Instead of joining

together to plant our diggums, we will need to plant them at home.

Instead of meeting together to share friendships, garden ideas, and club

concerns we will need to pick up the phone, send notes and emails, and

check And the hardest part, instead of

greeting our family, friends, neighbors, and club members with a hug or handshake, we are stuck

with a smile and wave from six feet away.

My email sent March 20th cancelling our events in April and May was difficult to send. We are

still not sure how long we will need to keep our social distance. My hope is mid-June, which is

only feasible if everyone is curtailing travel and practicing social distancing.

As you know, our plant sale is our main source of income, our current goal (both mine and

Kate’s) is to have a perennial and craft sale later in the year. Wouldn’t a Flag day celebration be a

great time? (June 14th- Sunday, so the 13th?) Or in September when it is cool enough to plant yet

still early enough for them to become established. In the meantime, if you have vegetables, herbs

or annuals that you have started, you can still sell them to your neighbors as they walk by! If you

have additional ideas or suggestions, email/call me and I will consolidate them for discussion at a

future meeting. (Yes, we will meet again!)

Share the Season (but keep your distance),





Message from our Incoming President-

Kate Colville

Dear Gardening Friends,
I greet you as our new club president during these unprecedented times of the COVID virus. I hope this
first newsletter of my Presidency finds you all at home, safe, and healthy. I know how disappointing it is
not to be meeting together right now, to have missed the fellowship and workshops of the State
Convention, and to not be able to have our annual plant sale in May, as we have done for countless years.
However, there is so much we CAN do during this current stay at home order. First – we can tend to
ourselves and our loved ones. We can get plenty of rest. We can venture outdoors and get fresh air and
exercise (while social distancing, of course). We can reach out to friends we haven’t spoken to in a while,
club members who are lonely, and neighbors who may need a hand. We can tend to our gardens, giving
them extra special attention that we may not always have the time to give. We can dig, divide, and pot up
perennials for our re-scheduled plant sale, (which we hope will take place on June 13th). We can
participate in making crafts in our free time to sell at the plant sale or have for the July Club Picnic
Auction. We can lend a hand at the David Councill Park, where we can work safely at a distance from
one another, to beautify the space enjoyed by so many in our community.
May we be mindful at this time of those who have lost jobs and are struggling financially to make ends
meet and put food on the table . Consider how you may be able to assist, either financially or physically,
during this time. .
My theme this year as your new President is “Down to Earth……and Diggin’ It”. Let us as a club get
down, get our hands dirty in our own gardens – dividing our plants to share, in our community gardens,
and particularly dirty as we help each other weather this crisis.
I look forward to see you all again face to face soon,
Your new President,

                                                 "Those who contemplate the beauty of the earthfind reserves of strength

                                                   that will endure as long as life lasts"       Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder