INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error

May Message

05/01/2023 17:04

From the President: 

Greetings Garden Friends, 

It was great to kick back with GCFP family members at our “Thyme to Garden” Monroeville Convention. An International Buffet featuring ethnic food ushered in a little nostalgia. Some wore costumes and fancy hats as entertainer, Mikey Dee, crooned out polka numbers reminiscent of old times. The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden vision revealed an infertile land that has been reclaimed. One workshop showed how to capture remarkable garden photos through cell phones. Floral designs created to music enchanted, while a charismatic NGC President offered captivating advice. It was a celebration of our GCFP officers while connecting with like-minded gardening friends. 

In this merry month of May, Penn State Master Gardener, Bill Goff, will delve into Peony care at our meeting/ program. There are plant sales, Shaler, Greybrooke, and most significantly, Ingomar’s May 20th sale. I give a shout- out to all members, who attended our diggum workshop. If you have divided and repotted perennials at home, please label them properly. Overcome Mother Nature’s challenges, gather flea market items, or craft something to make this huge fundraiser a success. A Field Trip on the 24th to the 50 year old, lovingly tended, Womsley Home Gardens should be a must see, followed by a North Park Lounge Lunch. And, may creativity abound in our community beautification projects. 


“Gardeners, I think, dream bigger dreams than emperors. “ – Mary Cantwell 


Spring Bouquets, Julie, Your President