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March Presidents Letter

03/08/2019 18:22


President  Liinda Womsley

Adios Winter!

Thanks Phil for not seeing your shadow! I took a nice walk around the block in the 4 inches of snow we got on Wednesday, it is now 40 degrees. Tomorrow, who knows? It is still winter. 
It was good to see lots of faces at Monte Cello's and the Springfield Grill for our winter lunches. It was a great time to reminisce and brainstorm ideas for the upcoming year. 
The committee chairs and board members met last week to plan out budget for the year. We had a good discussion with minor budget changed. Thank you to all of you who completed the survey during the December meeting and via email, we will utilize the results to determine a final meeting space. One that will not require a $10 donation!
There are two changed to note The March field trip to the Pgh Orchard Society Show is located at Artsmiths (not Phipps) and will be a week later on the 16th. And the April meeting will be held at Ingomar Methodist Church on W. Ingomar Road (St Johns is not available due to Lent activities). 
Also note: Members Day Out is earlier than usual Alril 2nd. Se details in the newsletter.
Savor the Season,