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March Message

03/01/2023 12:00

Greetings Garden Friends,

Where have the winter months of January and February gone? We experienced a combination of some warm days while others were just bone chilling. Early greenery is now stretching out from our spring bulbs and, will hopefully, not experience a late winter misfortune. 


So, how is March going to come in? According to a well- known proverb, the month of March can start out fiercely with a Lion’s roar of frigid cold, or else pleasantly as a newborn lamb? It can also go the opposite way. We will just wait and see. Our winter luncheons at Pizza Roma and at the very well attended Thorn Hill Tap House were delightful. Mother Nature must have realized a dose of both was needed to relieve cabin fever. Let the gardening year begin. Look over your gardens to find plants to divide for our plant sale. To those interested in attending April’s Member’s Day Out, you must register by March 18th. For the GCFP Convention in Monroeville, an early registration fee is only $5 if your sign up is postmarked on or before March 10th. The committee chairs and I have also obtained District IX approval to host September’s Annual Meeting at Wildwood Golf Club. Our theme is “Falling into the Season.” Let’s make it memorable.

Think Spring,

Julie, Your President





06/01/2023 13:15


 Photos by:  Sue Auman We Survived!  Even though Mother Nature pulled a lefty on us (weather-wise) this year, the gift is that we will remember six hours of continuous showers for all time!  Also, loyal shoppers who have shopped with us annually, showed up!  A million thank...


05/25/2023 00:00

Kay Womsley's Garden Tour

Kay Womsley - Member since 1966   It was a beautiful day.  Members enjoyed a guided walking tour of the gardens of club member Kay Womsley.  Kay's garden has been lovingly tended for 50 years.  The tour was followed by Lunch at the North Park Lounge.  


05/01/2023 17:04

May Message

From the President:  Greetings Garden Friends,  It was great to kick back with GCFP family members at our “Thyme to Garden” Monroeville Convention. An International Buffet featuring ethnic food ushered in a little nostalgia. Some wore costumes and fancy hats as entertainer, Mikey Dee,...


04/30/2023 18:16

The Merlin Falcon

By Karin Bolcshazy     Last year, I spotted a visitor to my backyard with beautiful blue-gray plumage. Suddenly, the usual suspects at my bird feeders had disappeared, and, you know, when that happens, something’s up! The mysterious bird appeared a couple of days in a...


04/10/2023 17:35


Preparing for the plant sale.  Members brought and replanted starters for the annual plant sale.


04/05/2023 01:59

April Meeting

Center piece created by Carol Giacomin


04/04/2023 02:07

District IX Members Day Out

Our members attended the Program at The Chadwick in Wexford PA  The day included a Buffet Brunch, Trash to Treasure contest, Raffle of Spring and Garden Related Items and a presentation by Dennis James - "Growing Hydrangeas".  Dennis is the owner of DK's Nursery in Transfer,...


04/01/2023 12:00

The Owl – cute and cuddly – or not....?

By Karin Bolcshazy It is estimated that there are about 250 species of owls in the world. The world’s largest owl is the Blakiston Fish Owl weighing between 6 -9 pounds with a wingspan of 6.5 feet found only in Russia, China, and Hokkaido, Japan.  In North America, the largest owl is the...


03/30/2023 23:16

April Message

Greetings Garden Friends,    Oh, how hearts sing as springtime splendor begins.  Spring flowers pop up around us, and yellows stand out from daffodil bunches, or Forsythia bushes. The optimistic color of yellow brings us joy, happiness, and hope. The earth is coming alive...


03/01/2023 18:21

Prolific Winter Annual Weeds

By: Julie Barnes    Spring is around the corner. There have been many beautiful winter days beckoning us to spend time in the garden. But, don’t be overzealous about garden clean up yet. The weather is still uncertain. Plants need continued protection as pollinators continue to bed down...