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August - Residential - Ross - John and Ranier Klein

07/27/2018 13:44

John and Renier Klein - 200 Henderson Road
200 Henderson Road, at the intersection with Gardener Place, has been a project for the Klein
family for 30 years. John’s passion are the containers: pots, planters, and hanging
baskets. Renier’s passion are the perennials. Their son is a carpenter. He designed and built
the pergola arbor. The fountain was installed for Mother’s Day as a gift to Renie. They have
the most beautiful trimmed and contained trumpet vine. Their list of plants is a long one: coleus,
hostas, clematis, hydrangea, impatiens, fuchsia, trumpet vine, iris, succulents, Japanese maple,
ornamental grasses, day lilies, salvia, coreopsis, ornaments lilies, monarda, echinacea,
peonies, climbing roses, lily of the valley, wisteria, and more. Note the tomatoes protected from
the critters. It is very neat and serene, such a delight.