July - Residential - Richland - Kathleen Sullivan

07/05/2018 13:50

Kathleen Sullivan

5654 Meridian Road

Gibsonia, PA. 15044

Here we have another log home with a totally different approach to landscaping and gardening.

Homeowner Kathleen Sullivan moved a disassembled log house dating to the 1780s from Rostraver to a vacant lot on the corner of Meridian and Dickey Roads, near the Richland Library 18 years ago. Through the years she developed a native plant / pollinator / wildlife preserve worthy of Audubon Society recognition.

With pathways weaving through stands of native plants that bloom through the growing season one finds boneset (eupatorium), common fleabone (erigeron), common elderberry (sambucus). It is a mix of natives and plants she has introduced such as common teasel and roadside orange daylilly.
Around the loghouse, addition, and garage one finds pollinator friendly perennials such as oenothera and many WGTs ("wild green things"). Birds fluttered in to nests in understory shrubs and insects and bees buzzed among the wildflowers.
If you ever wondered what the environment looked like in 1780, Kathleen has the vision for you!