June Message

06/10/2021 18:28
Greetings Gardening Friends, 
It is an honor and privilege to work with a group of such dedicated, talented, hardworking, and friendly members. I am so proud of all of you for 
pulling together another very successful plant sale. It seems each year we tweak things a bit, and this year we tried the flea market, which pulled in a 
nice profit and helped the cause. We had more tables and canopies than in years past thanks to both our veterans and newest members. We had gentlemen helping in the morning and at the close of the sale— which was greatly appreciated. Julie and Mike Barnes, Janet Eck, Jessie Hudson, Ruth Kirk, and Eileen Miller are to be commended for their plant sale leadership and hard work. Our profits exceeded our budgeted expectations. 
I can’t wait to pour over our new yearbook that Eileen Miller has been working so hard on. Please pull out your calendars and mark down the workdays in our gardens, the July Picnic, and field trip opportunities that Julie Barnes has planned. I encourage newer members, if you have not already volunteered, to sign 
up with your mentors to help with the Passavant Planters, David Councill and/or Edith’s Garden . If you have any questions, reach out to the various committee chairs to see how you can help. The names and numbers will all be listed in the new yearbook. 
In addition to being thanking for you all, I am thankful for the soaking rains after a dry hot week. Our gardens are appreciating it! Happy gardening all! See you next Wednesday up at St Thomas Anglican Church in Gibsonia.
Your humble president, Kate Colville
"Down to Earth and Diggin' it"