July 2016 Residential Choice / Marshall Township

07/05/2016 15:47

Eric and Beth Bloch / 1211 Country Oak Dr.

We noticed their home because they were busily at work on a rainy Sunday enhancing their front yard. When we asked about working in the rain they told us they bought the house four years ago and it was completely overgrown. They have pulled out, prun Ed, and replaced and we're delighted we noticed.  

It the front you will see a bed of yarrow, clematis,  a butterfly bush, and perennial geraniums. The walk was lined with dwarf spiraea.  The front beds were filled with lavender, Happy Return day lilies, liatris, boxwood, liriodendron, and rhododendron.  The back backs up to the woods and they are working to keep a natural appearance with Kousa dogwood, rhododendron, weeping cherry, and spruces along with the hardwood trees from the woods.