Howard Hanna Real Estate Commercial choice for 2017

07/01/2017 17:19


                                                          Hampton Township Commercial


5048 William Flynn Highway


Gibsonia, PA.


"I think there are gardeners on the premises"

Two large planters guard the entrance to Howard Hanna Real Estate on William Flynn Highway and yes, several of the agents are avid gardners.  The ceramic containers have have a "vintage" look, not the usual fare you see in commercial plantings filled with Rose Bushes, English Ivy, and Dusty Miller.  The huge yellow and green sign blends beautifully with the bright yellow Marigiolds and white Petunias.  Sonya Clemente, the Sales Director said JML Landscape maintaines their "garden."  Finish the plan with Golden Cypress and Boxwood shrubs edging the building and the picture is complete.