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July - Commercial - Richland - Harvest Valley Farm Market

07/05/2018 13:53

Harvest Valley Farm Market

6003 Cunningham Road

Gibsonia, PA.  15044


Commercial - Harvest Valley Farm Market
Located on Route 8 North at Sandy Hill Road intersection, Harvest Valley Farm Market is a new "old fashioned" barn/shed structure that is the retail unit of the Art, David and Harry King and their sister's farm. The men farm the fields and the greenhouses and the women work the market.
A colorful large sign on Route 8 North catches the eye surrounded by a large colorful bed of zinnias, begonias and marigolds. Pulling into the ample parking lot the covered entry porch is decorated with hanging baskets, mixed planters and pots for sale and vary throughout the growing season.
Harvest Valley Farm is also noted for its C.S.A program and organic farming practices. Their fresh produce (strawberries - yum!) is available throughout the season at the market, which is open year round.