INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error

From The President

04/02/2020 14:04


President     Linda Womsley


                                                  NO APRIL MEETING


We are doing things a little differently than normal. Instead of
joining together to plant our diggums, we will need to plant them at
home. Instead of meeting together to share friendships, garden
ideas, and club concerns we will need to pick up the phone, send
notes and emails and check And
the hardest part, instead of greeting our family, friends, neighbors,
and club members with a hug or handshake, we are stuck with a smile and wave from six
feet away.
My email sent, March 20th, cancelling our events in April and May was difficult to send. We
are still not sure how long we will need to keep our social distance. My hope is mid-June,
which is only feasible if everyone is curtailing travel and practicing social distancing.
As you know, our plant sale is our main source of income, our current goal (both mine and
Kate’s) is to have a perennial and craft sale later in the year. Wouldn’t a Flag day celebration
be a great time? (June 14th- Sunday, so the 13th?) Or in September when it is cool enough to
plant, yet still early enough for them to become established. In the meantime, if you have
vegetables, herbs or annuals that you have started, you can still sell them to your neighbors
as they walk by! If you have additional ideas or suggestions, email/call me and I will
consolidate them for discussion at a future meeting. (Yes, we will meet again!)


                                    Share the Season (but keep your distance),