INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error


03/01/2020 22:30



Linda Womsley

From the President: Happy Spring,

Having just survived the latest mini cold snap of the winter, I now declare
that Spring will indeed come this month! (The calendar agrees and Phil does
too!). So, go outside and play in you garden! You might need to hold off on
the digging, but you can certainly pick up sticks! If it is still too cool outside,
try starting some plants from seed inside. Or just plan what which clump of
perennials you will dig up for the diggums.
We had two great lunches at the Longhorn and Springfield Grill. It is always
nice to get out an be amongst gardening friends. Did you know that Joan
Griffith celebrated her 90th birthday in February? Belated birthday wishes!
Have you signed up for the convention? Check out the details in the latest Keystone Gardener (Winter
2020). The convention will take the place of our District IX members day out, so, if you normally go to
that, maybe consider the convention! Call me if you have any questions.
Kate has graciously agreed to lead the March meeting as I will be out of town for work. Thanks Kate!
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