Deer Deterents

04/26/2020 20:30

1. Plant lavender at the base of rosebushes if deer are a problem in your area. Deer are
attracted by the rose scent, and lavender muddies the rose aroma.
2. Dump coffee grounds and used tea leaves around bushes. Both acidify the soil slightly,
which roses love.
3. Bury banana skins or even the entire black,
mushy banana at the base of bushes to
provide magnesium, an element that the
plants crave.
4. Scratch 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts into
the soil around a rose. The salts make flower
colors more intense.
5. Use rabbit food for fertilizer. The pet food is
composed of alfalfa meal, which supplies a
growth stimulant, nitrogen, and trace
elements to roses. Scratch in ½ cup of
pellets around each rose and water well.