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Mascari Auto Center Commercial choice for Sept. 2017

09/11/2017 12:19

Mascari Auto Center

8700 thompson Run Road

Allison Park PA> 15101

This visit was a real treat.  There is a great deal of landscaping in several areas which seems unusual for a commercial business.  There were large planted urns   plus large pots with small trees at the entry and in various areas on the property in addition to lovely hanging baskets full of flowers.  There were several planting beds with which included varieties of petunias including the common pink, double wave and a few unusual colors. ‘Crimson Red” mandevilla vine, zinnias, dahlias, begonias, lillies ,scarlet sage, geraniums, impatience, creeping jenny and cateracterum palms.  According Jessie Wensel, the granddaughter and manager of the auto body division of the property, her grandfather Mr. Denny Mascari purchases the plants, mostly from catalogues to get unusual varieties, and Jessie does the planting and cares for the landscaping. 

A real surprise was on the left side of the property were a number of fruit bearing trees and plants including peach, fig, banana, limes, tangerines, strawberries, hucklelberries,  Saskatoon blueberries plus tomato plants, a trumpet tree, flowering vibernum and more.  The fruit is harvested and grandmother Mrs.MaryLou Mascari freezes the harvest plus making jams.  On the right side of the property Mr. Mascari has three beehives which hopefully pollinate the large collection of

vegetation, plus deliver a number of pints of honey  each year.