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Grace Manor at North Park Commercial choice for Sept. 2017

09/11/2017 12:18

Grace Manor at North Park

9565 Babcock Blvd.

Allison Park PA.  15101

This is a pleasant, privately owned  senior residence that has a very large front porch with several rockers plus seating for visitors.  A front island features pink echinacea, red impatience, pink petunias and Russian sage.  One one side of the property is a very large white fountain surrounded by shrub roses and pink mandevilla vines.  There is also a pleasant covered patio to one side of the main building with pink begonias and ferns in front.  Surrounding the front porch were white petunias, boxwood, holly, deep pink geraniums, fescue  and purple grasses.  The caretakers of  the landscape are employees Kevin and his wife.  Kevin was quite pleased to hear about the designation of Garden of the Month.