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Linda Zutcovitch Residential choice for August 2017

07/26/2017 21:04

Linda Zutcovitch

337 Road

Bradford Woods,  PA 15015

As we drove through Bradford Woods we turned back a dead-end road to a wonder of wonders. A quiet ranch style home nestled in the woods with beautiful gardens at every turn. There is an artist who has crafted these spaces with style, proportion, color, and strategically placed garden art pieces to enhance each setting. We found alpine dish gardens, shade gardens, a pond with a variety of textures to enhance its edges. We were taken by the carving in the side of the tree, a circle of rusty shovel blades surrounding a garden fork, painted metal dogs, a deer silhouette hiding behind a tree with the eyes of the tree watching. There are shoes that have become flower planters and a strawberry pot full of begonias. The shed has the character of a cottage in the woods. The variety of horticulture was especially selected to enhance each garden design. There is so much more to see. We thank Linda for sharing.