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August 2016 Residential choice / West Deer

07/30/2016 22:36

Paula and David Lassinger

5083 Bakerstown Culmerville Road

Tarentum, PA 15804


The intersection of Saxonburg Blvd and Bakerstown Road isn’t exactly where you would expect to find a “Garden of the Month.”

The West Deer Volunteer #1 fire hall is on the corner and a garage around the bend.  You can’t miss this one.  There to greet you is a vintage, small, white, one story home, pristine and colorful, with an American flag flying on the front porch,

Brown mulch is used to contrast with a dark green lawn.  Neatly spaced in the mulched beds are dwarf golden globe arborvitae and small leaf holly which will add color through the winter months.   Meanwhile pink and red petunias and tufts of small striped grass are the fillers.   The medium size purple plum tree at the side of the home is echoed with a small purple Japanese maple in the front Purple heuchera adds a finishing touch.  Look closely and you will see yard decorations.  Little red, white and blue windmills are scattered around the edge of the flowerbed.  God Bless America. This garden is low maintenance and attractive.   What more can you ask!