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April Message

03/30/2023 23:16
Greetings Garden Friends, 
Oh, how hearts sing as springtime splendor begins.  Spring flowers pop up around us, and yellows stand out from daffodil bunches, or Forsythia bushes. The optimistic color of yellow brings us joy, happiness, and hope. The earth is coming alive again. Trees and shrubs are bursting with buds. Perennials are pushing up new growth and wildlife becomes more active.  Let’s appreciate nature’s beauty. 
As your garden perennials come to life, consider unearthing a clump or two for our famous Diggum workshop on April 10th, 10 am, at M.D. Barnes Goodyear, the Monday after Easter. We make a great team potting up and labelling plants in a warm indoor environment for our ANNUAL FUNDRAISER PLANT SALE.  I look forward to seeing members at the April 4th Chadwick Spring Member’s Day Out.  An IGC group has created a Trash to Treasure entry that will be judged then. May it positively be chosen to represent District IX at GCFP’s April 21-23 Monroeville Convention. We look forward to our April IGC meeting program, which is a change from the yearbook.  Spotted Lantern Fly is the subject.  May a little bargain shopping on an April 26th Jesteadt’s Greenhouse field trip offer the inspiration needed to rejuvenate our own gardens. "Spring is when life's alive in everything." – Christina Rosetti 
Think Spring, Julie, Your President