2020 Scholarship Requirements

10/02/2018 20:35



  • The student must be entering their junior or senior year of college.
  • Their major must be Agriculture, Horticulture, Turf Management, Architecture Landscape, Environmental Studies, or related field.
  • The student must have a grade average of at least 3.5.

Application Requirements

The deadline for the Scholarship Application is February 1st.  The completed application will consist of:

  1. Ingomar Garden Club Form
  2. Introduction Letter
  3. Character Reference Letter
  4. Scholarship Reference Letter
  5. Work-related Reference Letter
  6. College Transcript

Application Details

  1. Official school transcript – Obtain a copy of your official transcript from your college.
  2. Introduction Letter – This is a one-page letter to introduce yourself and make your case for being awarded the scholarship. This, and all other letters should be only one page and addressed to IGC Scholarship Chairman Oralia L. Ferretti. [9320 David Dr., Pittsburgh Dr., 15237-4941] The applicants name and address should be included and the letter should be dated.
  3. Character Reference Letter – This one page letter is from someone who can attest to your good character. This must include the name and address of the writer.
  4. Scholarship Reference Letter – This letter focuses on your scholastic abilities and could be from a teacher, coach, or someone who has supervised you in a college project or program. This must include the name and address of the teacher.
  5. Work-related Reference Letter – This letter talks about your work abilities and performance. It does not have to be work related to your major; the goal is to have a view of your approach to the workplace. This must include the name and address of the work supervisor writing the letter.


IGC Blank Application                                                                                                                                       .docx

Criteria for Awarding the Scholarship

The following factors will be considered in awarding the IGC Scholarship:

  • The completeness of the application – missing information or missing requirements (like letters being more than one page) may result in invalidating the application.
  • Quality of the applicant – Factors such as grade point average, and the qualities that come through in the cover and reference letters.
  • Financial Need – A candidate in greater need will be preferred over one with more financial resources.


For further information email igcflowerpress@gmail.com