INGOMAR GARDEN CLUB . . . Green Thumbs Grow thru Trowel & Error



Requirements for Membership

1. Attend three consecutive meetings

2. Have a sponsor or be assigned one

3. Pay dues of $40


Goals for Membership

1. Have an interest in gardening, floral design, nature, conservation and    civic improvement.

2. Miss no more than three meetings a year.

3. Actively serve on a committee and participate in one club project a year.

4. Dues are $40, payable in March each year.

5. Support in the maintaince of David Councill Park.

Club Objectives

To study and participate in:

*The art of gardening and floral design

*The protection of the enviroment and conservation of natural resources.

*Civic improvement.


Membership Chairman, Tess Swartz

Jan Ranii-Dropcho, co-chair.


Are you interested in attending a meeting?