Shaler North Hills Library Hillside Garden Tour

08/17/2022 11:04

Dodging a few rain drops, we toured the Hillside Garden at Shaler North Hills Library. The garden is maintained by the Shaler Garden Club - great job Shaler! We enjoyed the variety and the labels! It cut down on a lot of guessing, but not the discussion around each planting. The perennial bloom planting with marker for Joan Griffith was a pleasure as she shared her love of gardening as a member of IGC as well. I relayed this story: shortly after the tree was planted, I was driving past and saw Joan and her husband in the parking lot admiring the tree, when next saw her I commented on this, she was just so delighted, she couldn't stop smiling about it - I bet she still is!

After the Hillside Garden we took a peak at Linda W's garden. A very nice work in progress if I have to say so myself! Weeds, bags of mulch, deer scat and other scat I'm sure. There were annunals, perennials, shrubs and trees too. Lots to talk about!

Last stop on this impromptu field trip - The Rear End in Etna. Great setting and something for everyone!

Jennings Meeting and Program

08/03/2022 13:51

We had thirteen members participate in our August meeting and program at Jennings Environmental Education Center. We had a beautiful sunny day, a large pavilion with a prairie view and our speaker Brandi Miller-Parrish to make the day perfect. Thanks Brandi!


After her talk, Brandi led us around the prairie trail and talked about the wildflowers, wild trees, burn cycles and water flows. Here are some of the pictures - Enjoy!


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