"We are commited to establishing roots in this community and watching them grow."

The Ingomar Garden Club was Established in 1946 as a philanthropic organization dedicated to the art of gardening, flower design, conservation of natural resources, enviromental protection and civic improvement. The club was federated in 1954.  Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 10:30 am at Northmont Church, 8169 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA.           






Gardening Guide for Kids

02/20/2018 13:13

A junior scout leader contacted us and said her troup is working on a gardening badge. The girls are researching informational sources and wanted to know if we would post their findings on our website . 

No problem


A Gardening Guide for Kids

Gardening is one of the best activities that can be done around the house. Being outside in the fresh air, and making your home look better by planting flowers or growing vegetables can be fun and rewarding. What can be better? Getting your children involved!

Having your children help with gardening can be fun and educational for your kids, as well as helpful to you in giving you an extra hand outside. But, how do you get them started?

We have asked experts in gardening to provide some guidance on getting started with gardening, and how you can involve your children. The following web sites can provide information on gardening and planting, along with activities and games for kids. This information can help educate your children about the importance of gardening, and help kick start them to enjoy a lifetime of gardening.


Judging the Poetry / Poster contest for 2017

11/13/2017 21:08

hey Barb,  Chris has been doing this since 1998.                 THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS !

Chris Hawthorn accepted the chairmanship of the Poetry and Poster contest in 1998 with one school partisipating.  Through the years she has picked up eight more schools and an able assistant with Barb Oswald.   The entries now total several hundred pieces and reqire at least 20 people to judge if you plan to get it done in one afternoon.   This year


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President's Comments

05/26/2020 22:18

President Kate Colville

Dear Gardening Friends,
A mere two weeks ago, on the day of our originally scheduled plant
sale, I watched as snowflakes fell and clutched my coat tightly to me
as a braced myself against the cold blustery wind. It turned out to
be a BLESSING, in a way, that our sale had to be rescheduled until
June 13th. This past week offered us many beautiful days, and while
many of us are tired of being cooped up inside with the continued quarantine, we, as gardeners,
always have a place of beauty and peace where we can retreat, tend, and enjoy. A great group
turned out to clean up David Councill Park for our first work day of 2020, last Tuesday, and it
felt good to get our hands dirty while catching up with friends - after being apart for far too long.
I am pleased to announce that there WILL be an Ingomar Garden Club meeting on June 3rd at
10:30 am in Linda Womsley’s front yard. The new club officers will be installed, and we will discuss
details for the plant sale. We are not yet able to meet back at the church, so for now, we will
be meeting outside, with our masks, keeping a safe distance from one another, and we will have
PLENTY of hand sanitizer for everyone! . We ask that each member bring a bag lunch, drink
and chair. In the event of inclement weather, our backup location will be a large covered pavilion
at Janet Eck’s church (St Thomas in the Field’s in Gibsonia). Those members who do not yet
feel comfortable coming together for the meeting will be able to join us online via ZOOM, an
online group meeting space. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in.
I’m crossing my fingers for good weather on June 13th for our plant sale. Although we will not
have the annuals at the rescheduled sale, with your help, we hope to have a good number of
perennials and craft items to sell. Please be digging and dividing! We will have an online flyer to

share as well as a write up advertising the sale to be posted on Facebook and Nextdoor pages
around the community. We need everyone’s help to spread the word!
As we creep into summer, and the temperatures warm, let us commit ourselves to making our
little corner of the world more beautiful in service to others in our community. From the
planters at Passavant hospital to bring a smile to the lips of the patients, families, and medical
staff who have been working so hard, to David Councill Park, and Edith’s garden at the library,
which we hope will open again soon.
I miss you all, and look forward to seeing many of you on June 3rd!

Down to earth and diggin’ it,

Kate Colville
“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies” GERTRUDE JEKYLL