"We are commited to establishing roots in this community and watching them grow."

The Ingomar Garden Club was Established in 1946 as a philanthropic organization dedicated to the art of gardening, flower design, conservation of natural resources, enviromental protection and civic improvement. The club was federated in 1954.  Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 10:30 am at St Johns Church, 311 Cumberland Rd., Pittsburgh, PA.


Monte Cello Memories

01/09/2019 18:00

We will remember the January lunch-get-together because you needed a snow plow to get there. The menu was delicious as shown by our two happy members with their take-home doggie boxes.  Looking forward to doing this again in February at the Springfield Grill in Mars. 

Dec. 5th Shanopin Country Club

01/04/2019 20:05

Our Christmas party 2018 was at Shannopin Country Club. The dcorations were beautiful including the snow.A gift exchange along with with caroling and tasty cuisine made an enjoyable finish to 2018.  Looking forward to the New Year



It's UP. The Northland Library Christmas Tree

11/27/2018 00:15

      I all the ornaments are handmade.                                                                                                   

Take your pick.  The tree is beautiful day or night. 

GREYBROOK Winter Blitz-----you had to be there!

11/26/2018 22:27

Greybrook Garden Club invites venders and other garden clubs where we come together and enjoy food, and have fun shopping .  Top it off with an interesting guest speaker and like i said---"you had to be there!" 

Patti Fowler , owner of Flowerama Food and Vendor Market, brought her own door for her decorations.



November Meeting

11/07/2018 21:53

Pat Miller's center piece is  a delightful collection of pine cones and feathers

Polly Berginc, from the American Institute of Floral Designers, shared her experience of decorating the White House at Christmas time. Part of a special team chosen every year, a floral designers dream come true, she presented a slide show of an exciting (and exhausting) two weeks of decorating elaborate Christmas trees to designing beautiful containers.   Members of Greybrook Garden Club were our guests so Polly's lovely White House Christmas created a "holiday." mood.

The IGC members added to the festive atmosphere with an elaborate assortment of  pastas, pastries, condiments, cakes and candies for refreshments.  Can you figure out this cupcake design ?


Special Notice

10/30/2018 21:03

Recently some lovely handpainted birdhouses, along with ceramic pieces, were donated to the Ingomar Garden Club as a result of the passing of a dear member, Chelo Farina.  These are being sold along with other handpainted piecies by talented members at the November 7th meeting. 



You can see all the photos of birdhouses and ceramic items by clicking on the link and then clicking on the individual photo for more details.  here on our Facebook page.

  • This photo was taken today after many items had been purchased.  These creations are art pieces.  Don;t believe our little feathered friends will ever see them.
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From the President Sept. 2019

08/29/2019 23:32

Linda Womsley



End of Summer Greetings

  I understand that we have had the first chill of fall in the air- I'msorry that I missed it!  May we have beautiful days ahead to work in Davis Council Park. 

We have a busy Septembe ahead - plenty of times to share with friends.  The first week we will hold our first meeting (in a long time) at Northmont UPC. (directions on the last page.)  The second week we will have our District Meeting at Butler Country Club on Friday, and our booth at the McCandless Community Day on Saturday. 

We take a day off on Sunday then start the third week with Horti-therapy then a tour of Historic Harmony.  Throw in a couple of David Council work days and we will have lots of opportunitys to get together and ......

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