"We are commited to establishing roots in this community and watching them grow."

The Ingomar Garden Club was Established in 1946 as a philanthropic organization dedicated to the art of gardening, flower design, conservation of natural resources, enviromental protection and civic improvement. The club was federated in 1954.  Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month, 10:30 am at St Johns Church, 311 Cumberland Rd., Pittsburgh, PA            

                                                                    Happy New Year





December Meeting

12/18/2019 17:36

          The December meeting was held at Shannopin Country. The snow complimented their Christmas tree and lovely decorations                                                           We had the traditional sing-a-long acconpanied by Janet Eck and the IGC Christmas hand bag was passed on to Julie Jansen.

Library Christmas Tree

12/16/2019 19:51

Ruth Kirk and her crew came  through with another winner.  Behold the 2019 Northland Library Christmas tree

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From The President

12/02/2019 12:09




Welcome Winter,


As I write this there is a blanket of snow on the ground, the
roads are clear and the skies are blue. I have a fire burning
in the fireplace and an evergreen decorated for Christmas in
the corner. That's what I was hoping I would see when I
opened my eyes this morning! Instead I have a layer of
leaves still covering my yard. Fall does go on for a few more
weeks, then we can welcome winter officially.
I'm looking forward to sharing the holiday season with you
at our luncheon at Shannopin Country Club. Remember to
bring a gift if you would like to participate in the gift
Kate has set up Lunch outings for January and February,
please consider bringing a friend, neighbor, past garden of
the month winner, garden admirer, or your mom/daughter


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